André Rieu

Youtube video !gpIIqUt6L6U Alte Kameraden

Even though I don't speak Dutch or German, I wanted to post a reference to this concert by André Rieu just because it's so cheerful. These folks, the audience as well as the orchestra, really know how to have a good time. The flavor of the entire event somehow strongly reminds me of the two times I was fortunate enough to be at Oktoberfest.

Youtube video !gDR9MC-141M André Rieu & Mirusia Louwerse - La Vergine Degli Angeli (Amsterdam Arena 2009)
Youtube video !2aRphHs6B8w André Rieu & Mirusia - Botany Bay (song) (Melbourne)
Youtube video !JkfpKqzPFZA Andre Rieu introduces Mirusia Louwerse - Peer Gynt (Grieg) - Solveig's Song

According to André Rieu's Wikipedia page, Maastricht in the Netherlands is where his father conducted, where Rieu is native to, as well as one of the places where Rieu studied.