Hayley Westenra

Her unofficial web page is at http://hayley-westenra-international.com (or HWI),
where I'm sometimes a lurker.
(Ok, I've posted on the rare occasion I think I have something to contribute.)

Her official pages are at
http://twitter.com/HayleyWestenra and
http://www.hayleywestenra.com was previously hers, but has been droppend and purchased by someone else. Sigh.
She even has her own YouTube channel with a couple of personal videos.

A number of the videos below are due to HWI's tireless efforts, with many more here.

Youtube video !fg3gCw5mm7c Youtube video !9bqrRNowf1Q Abide With Me. <--- Clicking the title will take you to the Wikipedia page that describes the song as well as has lyrics.
Youtube video !4DsfVXh-H3w Pokarekare Ana - Hayley Westenra (Gwyl Gobaith 2012)
Youtube video !xSXwbuO5ccg Youtube video !NhxH6k7Phqo Youtube video !U47kZDKnf7A Youtube video !bv_cEeDlop0 The Moon Represents My Heart. (Some Lyrics). As far as I know, Hayley hasn't released it as an album yet, but there are a lot of live performances on Youtube.

The last video is by Teresa Teng, who in her lifetime was an extremely influencial singer in Asia, and who made the song famous, according to Wikipedia.

Youtube video !4qHWDarVltI Vivo per lei. With some very nice ice skating.
Youtube video !hccYevnnz9s Tsubomi
Youtube video !A_1Trk0z3Ns Youtube video !z7kmw31nRDU Youtube video !bTNLYeaL7No Songbird is one of my favorites. Originally written by Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, then covered and further popularized by Eva Cassidy. I think Hayley's version is based more on the latter.
Youtube video !yIohl7cN1uM Sophie Westenra, Hayley's sister sings You'll Never Walk Alone.