Some Russian Songs

So, of late, I've been pretty unhappy with Russian politics, and am almost considering removing this page, however, I don't feel that the music is part of the problem, at least I hope not, so here is the page anyway...

You may wish to keep a browser tab open to Google Translate in order to cut-and-paste translate various Russian Phrases, like I did. I really don't speak Russian and have little understanding of the history or culture, which is partly why this page is interesting to me.

You may need to set your browser's Text Encoding to Unicode or UTF-8 to see the Cyrillic script. It's under the 'View' menu on my Firefox. Also your browser's fonts will need to support the Cyrillic characters in order to see them.

Youtube video !COtbszACtJ0 National anthem of Russia Sochi opening ceremony 2014

Late one night I wanted to hear the a cappella of the Russian Anthem. You know, the one from The Hunt for Red October. Well, this video is what I found. According to Wikipedia, during the colapse of the Soviet Union, the anthem was replaced with another temporarily. Then Putin brought it back with some revised lyrics, less biased toward the old Soviet Union, for the 2010 Olympics.

Youtube video !J7dreKYHY3U However being youtube, turns out there were a lot of other versions. I really liked this one.

Алсу и все звёзды. Концерт на Красной площади - "Гимн России"
Translate: Alsou and all the stars. The concert on Red Square - "Anthem of Russia"

Youtube video !lwCajFYVOps Here's another.

Пелагея, Л.Лещенко, Т.Гвердцители и др. - Гимн России HD (От Руси до России 2015)
Translate: Pelagia, L. Leshchenko, T.Gverdtsiteli etc. -. Russian Anthem HD (From Rus to Russia in 2015)

Youtube video !GlrFEL0ZTMM ЛЮБЭ "Конь"
Lyube (or Ljube) "Horse"
I'm still not clear on whether the band Lyube wrote this from scratch or adapted it.
There's a lyrics translation near the bottom of this page.
Youtube video !Dk8Bpxrs0rY A really nice cover of Horse. And there are lots more to be found on Youtube, as the song seems very popular.

Following up a bit on Pelageya (Пелагея):

Youtube video !qPuffyhHXgQ Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games (pre-show, Sochi 2014)
Youtube video !pFDQpgQN3lU Эльмира Калимуллина и Пелагея - Canção do Mar (Elle tu l'aimes)
Elmira Kalimullina and Pelagia - Canção do Mar (Elle tu l'aimes)
Youtube video !v7t3dJSbgVg Пелагея и Дина Гарипова - Позарастали стежки-дорожки HD (Угадай мелодию - 30.03.2013)
Pelagia and Dean Garipova - Pozarastali stitches-track HD (Name That Tune - 30.03.2013)
Youtube video !3LlltWYxx8I Алиса Игнатьева, Пелагея "Белым снегом". Самара. Концерт Пелагеи. 29.03.2015
tr: Alice Ignatieff, Pelagia "White snow". Samara. Pelagia concert. 03/29/2015