I've found a few video blog series that I've really enjoyed.

Kara and Nate These are fun to watch, very upbeat, and give a pretty good idea of the cultures visited. The authors describe themselves as a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020.

These blogs present a great view of China's culture from the inside:

SerpentZA The first series is by Winston, an expatriate from South Africa to China, where he's been living now for several years. He seems to have keen insight into China's culture, So I definitely recommend watching his videos.
C-Milk is Winston's friend and riding companion from the US, who also has his own video blog. Though less formal of a production, I still find myself visiting his videos from time to time.
ADVChina has numerous videos where both Winston and C-Milk travel over the country by motorcycle while discussing various cultural aspects of the country. These videos really engage the viewer both for the visuals and discussion. It's quite exciting to see them navigate dense, often unruly traffic, narrow alleys, and even stairways on their motorcycles. Ah, to be young...
Youtube video !BcyYyyaPz84 A good example of from ADVChina, our two riders go to a so-called China "ghost town" and discuss the reasons for its existance.