Valentina Lisitsa

Things I like:
She's charming.
She got her start on You tube (which seems like very disruptive marketing) performing requests from other viewers.
She likes performing on a Bösendorfer.

The story from Wikipedia was that she was almost going to work in DC as some clerk, but somehow got talked into following her passion as a pianist instead by the phone operator at the org to whom she was applying.

She has a much larger repertoire available on Youtube at this link.

Youtube video !LdH1hSWGFGU Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. Try following her fingers during the second half.
Youtube video !RCucnn-95nY Liszt's transcription of Schubert's Ave Maria.
Youtube video !c94nySKKoWE Chopin Nocturne Op 48 No.1 C minor. Very slow piece. This is one I'd like to learn someday.
Youtube video !MD6xMyuZls0 La Campanella is considered to be a very virtuoso piece.
Youtube video !KV5bBmhSOEc The ever popular Chopin Nocturne in Eb, op.9 no.2.
Youtube video !mpiJbQvBP8A Chopin Etude op.10 no.3. Really pretty.